Answers for You

How are the lectures conducted?

All of our courses are online completely. Once you register for our course, you will receive an email from us guiding you towards further steps. Every course has a discord server where all the students and mentors can connect and interact with each other. All the lectures are conducted over zoom(software), the link of which will be shared over discord.

Are the lectures recorded?

Yes! Since we conduct our courses live, we record all the lectures. All the recorded videos are shared after the lecture ends. The recorded lectures will be available till 3 more months after the course ends.

What is the refund policy?

All of our courses have a refund policy. We have a 15 days full money-back policy for the 6 months AI boot-camp. Simply put, you can ask for refund even after attending 4 lectures! It gives you enough time to decide whether we are worth your time and money. If we announce any other course, you will be well informed with its refund policy while registering.

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