• Vipul Vaibhaw

How to learn Deep Learning for free?

In today's day and age where knowledge is free. It is easy to find information online and anyone can teach themselves almost anything. In this post we will be exploring how can we learn deep learning for free.

1. Stanford CS 229 - Before diving straight away into deep learning, make sure that you cover your basics well and you understand the Machine Learning world also. This lecture series by Andrew Ng will help you in getting started with Machine Learning. It will also explain you the world of Neural Networks.

2. Stanford CS 231n - This course is taught by Andrew Ng and others. Andrew Ng explains computer vision with deep learning really well. This course straight away starts with Deep Learning and covers RNNs etc.

3. Fast.ai - Amazing content available for free here. It also have a lot of practical MOOCs available. One of our favorites.

There are some good books which we recommend to read -

1. Neural Networks and Learning Machines - Simon Haykin

2. Deep learning book - Ian Goodfellow etc.

3. Machine Learning - Tom Mitchell

These are good to begin with. However, if you want to involve yourself in a rigorous bootcamp then enrol with us.


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