• Vipul Vaibhaw

Recommended books for Artificial Intelligence

In the world of blogs and video courses, the importance of books is coming down in the eyes of freshers who are tip-toeing in to the world of AI. Contrary to this opinion I believe that to understand a complex topic like artificial intelligence, one should read the classics!

I am a strong advocate of books because it doesn't try to dumb down concepts for us to understand rather It pushes us to understand the complexities behind crucial concepts.

One anecdote I can cite of is Chapter - 7 from "Machine Learning by Tom M Michelle". I was totally unaware about computational learning theory. After reading this topic in detail my understanding of Machine learning has further strengthened.

Here are the list of books which I really like -

1. Computer vision by Richard Szeliski

2. Deep learning book - Ian Goodfellow

3. Neural Networks - Simon Haykin

4. Machine Learning - Tom Michelle

5. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach - Peter Norvig

These should be good enough to get you started.

Here are the list of books which can further enhance your perspective -

1. Godel Escher Bach

2. Super-intelligence 2.0

3. How to create a mind


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