• Vipul Vaibhaw

What is the mission behind Chanakya School of AI?

This post will be a concise depiction of the idea behind Chanakya School of Artificial Intelligence. We were deeply hurt by the quality of content being provided by the training institutes and even some colleges in India. Some training institutes went up to charge one lakh indian rupees for the courses in which recorded lectures are being provided.

We believe that static educational content like recorded videos(a minimal cost can be charged here), codes, blogs, research papers etc should be free and accessible to all.

Our Mission is to provide top notch content at extremely affordable cost. This mission is a bootstrapped mission hence we need money to carry out the operations. Our mission is to do live lectures so that we are accountable and students can ask questions to the instructors directly.

The money which will be collected during this process will be used in following ways -

1. promote AI research in India

2. organize hackathons

3. generating more free content on various topics

4. organize meetups


Why not youtube? Because we hate ads.

How does Chanakya School of AI helps you ?

Apart from involving you in various courses and research projects. We aim to do worthy projects and we even encourage participants to take up their own topic of interest.

We want to make you ready to practice AI as soon as you graduate. We would help you in working with projects where the student has to start from collecting data, cleaning it and then thinking about the model architecture.

We have a bootcamp model which is extremely rigorous and demands substantial efforts from students.

We have realized the hard way that Deep Learning is hard! It takes serious efforts and patience to grasp this topic. Our aim is to truly clear your basics by making you understand the mathematics behind neural nets and not just giving you random jargons.

Our mission is to transform AI education in India.


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